Teenager’s Bedroom Before…
… and After! ☼ 805-390-7417
Same Teen’s Bedroom…
…and After!
We think our Mattresses are Clean… but are they?
Nope… that’s NOT a shadow on your Sofa… That’s dirt!
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Do you really want to sit on that chair while you eat? Just Call Ric at: ☼ 805-390-7417
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Your nice Leather Sofa really can be cleaned!
donna's carpet 11.22.14
Did your doggie change the color of your carpet without you knowing?

STEAM MASTER only uses Powerful Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction Machines with Quick Drying methods and Non Allergenic, Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products! Upholstery – Sofas, Chairs & Mattresses etc.  Tile/Grout & Wood Floors. Pet & all Odor Removal. Water Damage & Carpet Re-Stretching & Repair are also part of Steam Master’s  specialties.


Steam Master

Established in 1961.

Steam Master has been in business in Ventura/LA Counties  for over 50 years. Ric Hancock has been the owner of Steam Master of Simi Valley since 1990.

Business Owner

Ric H.
Ric Hancock

As the owner, Ric has personally cleaned over 8 Million square feet of Carpet as well as countless  Sofas & Chairs, Tile/Grout. That’s 27 years of experience and thousands of happy customers!                    Call Ric, the owner of Steam Master of Simi Valley for personalized attention to detail. ☼ 805-390-7417


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  1. I love those before and after pictures! You wouldn’t think the upholstery and carpets could get so clean and new looking from how dirty they looked!

    1. Thanks Shelsi! It IS amazing what the right equipment and the right person with the right “green friendly” ingredients with the right amount of elbow grease can do!

    1. Thanks Carla! Over 2 decades is a long time! That translates into over 6 million sqft. cleaned and I still love seeing the transformation of dirty to clean carpets, tile & upholstery!

  2. Hi Ric! Nice Website! Nancy and I highly recommend your excellent services and we get to enjoy a great friendship at the same time! Love you and your great family.

  3. When you have a fire or a water loss, one thing is inevitable. You will need your carpets cleaned and restored. Oriental rugs are normally the most expensive and therefore require special attention. Proper rug handling methods from the beginning should save you problems in the end.Immediate extraction of the water from the rug/carpet should be the first thing you do! The longer a rug sits in water the higher the chances are that the dyes will migrate. Colour correction maybe difficult and maybe impossible if your rugs/carpet is old. Immediate extraction will greatly reduce this risk.When extracting the water, move your wand WITH the grain. This will do two things. One, It is physically easier to do and puts less stress on your body and Two, It will prevent and minimize fibre distortion which on some rugs is nearly impossible to fix.Do not stack your rugs when moving from one area to another! The dyes cold run from one carpet to the other. In the end you could have just a pile of damaged carpets. To prevent this problem do one of two things. One, Roll the rug up and place them in plastic bags (Only if you are transporting and removing quickly from the plastic, long term storage will not allow the rugs to fully dry and may cause mold growth). Two (Best Option), Place a sheet or towel on the rugs and roll them up individually.A popular and probably most damaging way to dry thick carpet/rugs is to lay them out in the sun. The sun’s ray can fade your rug/carpet in a short period of time. I would even recommend not placing your rug in a place where the sun hits it for long periods of the day inside your home let alone outside. This will probably wreck your wet carpet. The best method is to extract the water and put several fans directed at it to get air moving and dry it out faster. If laying them in the sun is necessary, put the top side down and lay on a flat dry surface.Finally, do not drip dry your rugs. Dyes can go into your wool fibres if you do this, or run into the other dyes of your carpet. It will likely end up looking more tie-dyed than neatly designed when your complete. If there are no dyes, you still should not drip dry. The thickness of the carpet/rug will prevent it from fully drying at the lower end where the water is dripping off.In summary, remember these carpet restoration tips:1.Extract the Water Immediately2.Extract water WITH the grain3.Do not stack your wet rugs4.Never dry in direct sunlight5.Do not drip dryI hope this article helps your visitors! CarpetCleanerNorwich.co.uk

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